Theatre, slapstick, music and a shot of vodka

Stan‘s 20th anniversary birthday bash marathon? It proved to be a pretty addictive affair. Theatre, a bit of slapstick, a little dance and music. They even threw a circus act in, and served us all a shot of vodka and a glass of wine, in between the acts. Wonderful. I heard some Martin Crimp, Carole Fréchette, Oscar Wilde and Thomas Bernhard. Filip Jordens sang some of his Jacques Brel-songs and Koen Augustijnen danced a little duet with Jolente De Keersmaeker from Stan. I saw the Dutch theatre company Dood Paard arriving on stage with backpacks and tents. And the complete cast of the new KVS/Olympique Dramatique-production were reading a part of Titus Andronicus from their textbooks. A great atmosphere, lots of smiling faces, minestrone after midnight… I would have loved to stay the night. But there’s just too much going on at other places this weekend as well: the Amperdans-festival in Antwerp, The state of things at Bozar. So I left, and got some sleep. Too bad. I wonder, as I’m writing this, what they are doing on stage, right now, at the Kaaitheater. Mmm… should I go back?


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