Here, there and everywhere: theatre marathons and anniversaries

Two of Belgium’s more renowned ‘alternative’  theatre companies are marking special anniversaries with special performances. And funnily enough they both are planning marathons to celebrate those anniversaries. Mechelen-based Abattoir Fermé is staging a ‘marathon-remix’ of their Chaostrilogy for their 10th anniversary: 4 hours of apocalyptic theatre. They are bringing it to 9 cities in Belgium and Holland. Antwerp-based Stan (Stop Thinking About Names) is having a 24-hour (!) marathon in Brussels with lots of guests (Kaaitheater, October 16) and Antwerp (Monty, October 31), for their 20th anniversary. Not really a marathon man? There’s a new book about Abattoir Fermé as well: Anatomy – 10 years of slaughtering (in Dutch and English). I went to the book release party yesterday and I can assure you: if you haven’t been to an Abattoir Fermé-performance yet, just leafing through this book will certainly pique your curiosity.

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