Sexties: voluptuous women and adult comics

'Pravda' (Guy Peellaert)I have a slight problem with comic strips in a museum. I like to read them, for sure, but somehow it feels strange to have just some pages out of a book hanging on the walls of a museum. There’s too much missing. But I must confess: the people at Bozar  (Brussels) have tried their best to make Sexties a pleasurable experience. Of course, it’s about voluptuous women and sex. That helps. But there’s more. They’ve really tried to encapsulate in a lively way the world of four legendary authors: Guy Peellaert, Jean-Claude Forest (Barbarella!), Paul Cuvelier and Guido Crepax. You get a giant colorful wall painting and a Harley Davidson in Peellaert’s room and a couple of ancient sculptures in Cuvelier’s room. You hear Serge Gainsbourg and Bob Dylan. But it’s in the impressive room in black and white of Italian author Crepax that Bozar really proves that the universe of a comic book author can be brought to a museum. It almost looks like a comic strip boudoir. Pretty soon Europalia China will be invading Bozar. It’s good to have this little antidote to that.


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