Can we please have some of that Turner Prize hoopla over here too?

Young Belgian Painters Award? Can you name this year’s winner? Right. Let’s face it: nobody cares. Except for the art world. That’s why I love the British Turner Prize: everybody cares. Just the other day the exhibition of this year’s contenders (Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer, Richard Wright) opened its doors at the Tate Gallery, and whoosh… reviews and discussions everywhere. One artist has an atomised jet engine on display. Well: the BBC-site immediately tells you in detail how it is possible to reduce an engine to dust-like particles (here). I even found one newspaper critic blogging about the quality of the Turner Prize-reviews of his colleagues (here) and about nothing else (he even got lots of comments on his post). What I particularly liked as well is how one artist (Richard Wright) tried to outwit the others by adding a last minute painting to his show: some red dots, thereby referring to the artistic sabotage of the great William Turner in 1832 when he and his arch rival John Constable were showing their paintings side by side (read article from The Times here). Can we please have some of that hoopla over here too, next year? Oh, and one other thing, that has nothing to do with the Turner Prize: The Times has a webcam these days at the Anish Kapoor-exhibition in London. You can watch on your computer at home how a cannon-like installation shoots bullets of dark crimson paint on the white walls of the Royal Academy (here). Modern technology. Love it.


One Response to “Can we please have some of that Turner Prize hoopla over here too?”

  1. On that Anish Kapoor exhibition, come over to London and check it out.
    It is great to see him from a more aggressive side with this canon that you were talking about! Worth the visit but try to avoid the weekend queues …

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