Want to see Brooke Shields? Come to Brussels!

Let me tell you a funny story about my job as a journalist. For the Belgian newspaper I’m working for, I had to write a story about a big controversy at the Tate Gallery in London: a picture of a naked, young Brooke Shields was regarded as being obscene and described as ‘soft kiddy porn’. While I was writing about the Tate Gallery, last week, I suddenly remembered having seen a naked Brooke Shields at the Controverses-exhibition at Botanique, Brussels, just a couple of days before. Could it be that? Yes: I was right, it is exactly the same picture. Spiritual America, taken by Gary Gross and later on used by Richard Prince. Want to know the funny part? The Botanique hasn’t even received the slightest complaint about it. In the meanwhile the picture has been removed by the Tate Gallery. So one piece of advice to anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about: come to Brussels. Controverses is on till November 22. You can read my review here. You’ll find my newspaper article about the Brooke Shields-picture in Brussels (sorry, only in Dutch) here.


2 Responses to “Want to see Brooke Shields? Come to Brussels!”

  1. “was regarded as being obscene”

    Not true, it was thought to be ‘indecent’. There is a big difference. In the USA child pornography is not defined by ‘indecency’ and in the UK it is.

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