Hurry to Strombeek for Hans Op de Beeck

Hans Op de Beeck 'Staging silence' (2009)

I know I should be sending all of you to Brxl Bravo this weekend, but as my brain has this little wicked streak, I’d like you to get out of Brussels and head for Strombeek-Bever, just on the outskirts of the city. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m a proud member of the Facebook-group ‘I was cool enough to do Airfix-models when I was 8’, or with the fact that I’ve always been a fan of those wonderful, simple La Linea-cartoons, but… eumh… During this weekend and this weekend only the cultural centre of Strombeek is showing (world première!) the new video of Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck, Staging silence, on a big screen (and in a loop, so you can go whenever you want). It’s a beautiful, clever and often funny video in black and white (20 or so minutes), based around abstract, archetypical settings. You see two arms assembling and taking down miniature decors of airport lounges, office spaces, city blocks and desolate landscapes. A thermos flask turns out to be a building, a castle suddenly becomes a birthday cake, a lightbulb becomes the sun. Op de Beeck shows you how he ‘stages’ the reality, but nevertheless you take his miniature scenes for real. Later this month this video will be shown during the Kunstfilm Biennale in Köln. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the first to discover new work of this truly gifted artist. (photo: copyright Hans Op de Beeck / Xavier Hufkens)


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