Utopia Parkway proudly presents: ‘On beauty – The Utopia Parkway Files’

Beauty. It’s a concept that has been intriguing me for quite some time now. Hence my ABC: ‘Utopia Parkway – Art, beauty & culture’. Beauty is one of the first things the general public will look for, or will feel touched by, almost automatically, when visiting an exhibition or watching a play. But for many in the art world it’s a suspicious, yes even reprehensible concept. Just the other day I read a review in which a play was criticised for being just too beautiful. So I decided to do something about it. Why not ask artists, choreographers, actors and directors what ‘beauty’ means to them? Is it important to them or not? Do they loathe the concept or not? From tomorrow onwards I will be posting one of these short, exclusive interviews or statements every once in a while. Hope they’ll bring some clarification, contradiction and confusion. Stay tuned.


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