Do follow in those princesses’s footsteps and go to M

M (Museum Leuven; photo Stijn Poldervaert)You’ve seen the princesses open it, and now you probably wonder: nice stunt with Mathilde and Maxima, but is that new museum in Leuven really worth a visit? Well, yes it is, I can confirm. The brand new M (Museum Leuven) is quite big, I was surprised to see, and has beautiful, spacious rooms. It is a bold architectural project (Stéphane Beel), connecting two old and two new buildings. One minute you’re walking through a contemporary art-type gallery, the next you’re in an old, beautifully renovated house. M kicks off with two really interesting exhibitions: Rogier van der Weyden (already 30.000 tickets sold in advance) en Jan Vercruysse. The museum wants to present both the old and the new. I’m curious to see if they can live up to that promise and continue to offer high quality-exhibitions. Funny though: on the day I visited the museum, everybody seemed to get lost. But that’s just, the people at M said, because not all of the direction signs were put on the walls yet. And do take a minute to go and look at Walter Verdin’s beautiful Van der Weyden video installation Sliding time, in a room just next to the entrance hall.


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