Why not put some avant-garde in your freezer?

Avant-garde below zero (Paul van den Hout)

You consider contemporary art to be just too difficult or strange to understand? Why not put those works of art into your freezer then, until you’re ready for them? And if you’re lucky, your frozen piece of art might even have become quite valuable by the time you feel ready to defrost it. That’s the funny idea behind Avant-garde below zero, an art project of young Belgian artist Geoffrey de Beer. He asked forty fellow artists for some works of art and has frozen all of them. De Beer will be distributing a brochure with a list of those frozen works and you can order your work of art, as you would do so with other frozen products, and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Prices are deliberately kept pretty low: ranging from 5 to 300 euro (one exception: a devilish work of art is priced at the rather symbolic amount of 666 euro). You can go and take a look at the freezers at Base Alpha in Antwerp for a couple of weeks now. Later on they will become a part of the renowned collection of the Flemish Verbeke Foundation.


One Response to “Why not put some avant-garde in your freezer?”

  1. Thanks a lot!!

    and greatings from below zero.


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