Mama’s got a brand new (Delvaux) bag


Excuse me if I say that handbags are not really my thing. I’m a man, you see. But for those of you that have a tendency to faint when they see a luxury handbag, I can recommend Delvaux 180 years of Belgian luxury, the new exhibition at the Antwerp Fashion Museum (Momu). Beware, though: it’s not so much an exhibition about handbags as it is one about the history of that famous Belgian manufacturer of luxury goods. But of course there are handbags on display too: lots of old ones, a special Belgian mussel-shaped one (made for the owner of Chez Léon), there’s a yellow Walter Van Beirendonck-bag, and the little Belgium-shaped one princess Claire had for last year’s 21 of July. And don’t forget to take a look at the most valuable item. It’s not a handbag, but one of the treasured ‘golden books’, in which each new design gets registered. The curator of the exhibition is Hettie Judah, editor-at-large at the wonderful Belgian magazine The Word. She is the author of a new book about the history of Delvaux too (also available in English). And one little scoop: Delvaux is working on a couple of bags in collaboration with another great magazine: Monocle.


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