Who is Jacqueline Pollock? And Annie Warhol?


It’s bound to be controversial. But it’s a must-see, for anyone visiting Paris this summer: elles @ centrepompidou. The museum has completely reorganised the floors with contemporary art from its own collections. All art from male artists is banished to the storage rooms. The history of contemporary art is told solely with art from female artists, hung in chronological order, by themes. It’s apparently the very first time a museum has dared to do this. A wall with giant coloured buttons with names of artists is the first thing you see, when you walk in. Jacqueline Pollock. Annie Warhol. Marcelle Duchamp. Francine Bacon. Agnès Thurnauer throws the first fact in your face: famous artists tend to be men. How come? And more questions came up, while I was walking through this impressive exhibition, with more than 500 works of art by more than 200 artists. Is this really necessary? Does this exhibition tell a different story? And if this art is different, in what way is it different? But above all: I discovered a lot of great art from artists I didn’t know. Make sure you have enough time to spend at Centre Pompidou, because the other floors are worth visiting too: there’s the big Kandinsky-exhibition (until August 10) and the wonderful Calder-show (until July 20), covering his Paris’ years. You can visit elles@centrepompidou until May 24, 2010. You’ll find a special website here.


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