Day 10: Mart Kangro


What happens when a performer starts questioning everything he is doing, on stage? He gets stuck. As Mart Kangro and his audience discover during Can’t get no / Satisfaction.

One single movement, that gets repeated over and over again. Then all of a sudden Mart Kangro steps out of it, and addresses the audience. ‘Yes, I know this takes too long. But it nééds to be too long, for you to feel something.‘ Later on, there’s a moment of silence. It lingers just long enough for him to be able to say: ‘This silence is awkward.’

In Can’t get no / Satisfactionthe Estonian choreographer/performer Mart Kangro creates a ‘double reality’: the performance, on the one hand, and on the other the performer commenting upon that performance, and on his relationship with his audience. ‘Honestly, I think it’s not your cup of tea’, he says at one point. And for one moment, it looks like he’s really addressing one member of the audience in particular.

Kangro has some nice ways of playing this game. (We won’t give away all his tricks.) And he really tries to not let Can’t net no / Satisfaction become a too intellectual, self-centered affair. He definitely wants his audience to stay with him. But in the end, he gets completely stuck. And this, he does admit on stage. What’s your way out, if you have questioned everything?

There is no way out. Only this one: a new or next performance.


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