Day 7: Pierre Droulers


It’s tough being an artist. Even having too many ideas can be a problem. That’s the thought that sprung to my mind, while I was watching the première of Walk talk chalk, Pierre Droulers’ new choreography.

How does man make his existence tolerable? That’s the question. He moves, talks and creates. Hence: Walk, talk, chalk, the new performance of Pierre Droulers, the Belgian choreographer who is one of the directors of Charleroi/Danses. In the first part of this tryptych, which premiered during the KunstenFestivalDesArts, he questions the birth of movement, in the second he examines the link between text and movement, and in the third he focuses on unbridled creation.

And that unbridled creation just might be Droulers’ biggest problem. There’s just too much happening underneath that cloud of white tubes, hanging in the air. In the first part you get lots of people running, later on you see sheets of paper falling from the sky, wigs, white cushions and burning gloves. Dancers are talking into microphones, a girl is playing guitar in her undies. Black curtains, white curtains. And all the while you see the music you are hearing: each time you hear an instrument, you see someone playing it on a (tv-)screen.

Clearly Pierre Droulers is trying to tell us something. But what? What does it all mean? This abuncance of words, gestures and images. How does it all fit together? Sure, he has some fine dancers, and comes up with some nice visual ideas. But in the end, one can not help but feel a little bit lost.

(photo credit: Academie Anderlecht  – Dimitri Lauwers)


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