blog1 Not getting enough art, beauty & culture from your local newspaper? Thinking that you could do with a little bit more? In need of a guide  that you can trust amidst all those plays, performances and exhibitions? And craving for a not too serious and conceited one? Why not turn to Utopia Parkway then? From now on I’ll be providing you with a daily bit of culture. Where to go, what to see and what to know.

What better way than to let the launch of Utopia Parkway coincide with the start of the KunstenFestivalDesArts (Brussels). Three weeks, 30 or so projects, including 17 creations, from more than 15 countries. Theatre, dance and film. In covering this festival, Utopia Parkway will be trying to accomplish the impossible.

Utopia Parkway is going the whole way. I’ll be attending each of those 30 projects. Every morning for the next three weeks, you’ll find on these pages a new review of one of those performances. I have tried to get as many premières in my schedule as possible. In that way Utopia Parkway can hopefully be of some use for those of you who aren’t sure yet what they want to go and see, and what they want to avoid.

Three weeks, 30 projects, starting tonight. I’ve never done this before. So, if you run into me, one evening or the other, please buy me a drink. I might be in serious need of one.

(photocredit: Alinari Leopoldo)


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